VLMTC believes that ,,There is a better Life in our Body, we just need to recognize it and help it to stay in its best possible Functionality!".

VLMT Clinic is a result driven Orthopedic Based Massage Therapy Clinic. by implementing MET's, Manipulations and Joint Mobilization along with many other Techniques and Modality's.

We strongly believe that, including Massage to ones Personal Health care Plan, will improve ones Mood, Health, Functionality and Well Being in General, by a lot.

The best way to find out if it is something for you or not, is by simply trying it out yourself.

Everyone needs a little TIME-OUT once in a while, to rejuvenate.


Viktor Bauer
RMT, LCSP (Phys), SpMT

Viktor is a graduate of Wellington College of Remedial Massage Therapies Inc. since July. 2017, after attending the first Year on a Distance Basis (traveling back and forth between Winkler and Winnipeg, besides continuing with a full time Job). The 2. Year he and his Family decided to move to Winnipeg after selling their House and quitting his Job, to finish his study's in a Full Time program (to cut the finalization year by one year).

He is very Therapeutic and Result Focused.
After attending many continues Education Workshops and Courses, he also received his SpMT (Sports Massage Therapist) Certificate,

by completing Pre and Post Event Massages and it’s advanced Course in Sports Therapy through Western College of Remedial Massage Therapies Inc. in Regina Saskatchewan.

Since than he worked with a Soccer Team in Manitoba’s Premier League (SC Hellas) as their SpMT, for 2017.
Besides Kenisio/Postural/Immobilizing and Athletic Taping, Rib Mobilization, Lymphatic Drainage Integration, Fascia Treatment Integration, Hot Stone Treatment, Indian Head Massage, Hydrotherapy Treatments, Swedish Massage and Basic Cranio-Sacral Treatment, his main intend belongs to Osteopathic Based thorough Assessment and Treatment by integrating METs and Joint Structure Normalization thru Soft tissue Manipulation and Joint Mobilization.

He is continuing taking additional Workshops and Courses to expand his knowledge to provide better and more successful Treatments for his clientele!


Viktor says that Massage Therapy is not just for Relaxation but way more than that and the only way to figure that out is to just simply trying it out for ones self after finding an MT. that fits your style and needs.

His Hobby's are jogging, workout, swimming, camping, building, working on a car (even he doesn't understand much of it) and just spending time with his wife and kids somewhere outside!

Viktor is proud to be able to help in his scope of practice where ever he can, and being the Owner of VLMTC.

Tatjana Bauer  
Administration / Secretary    
Tatjana has a outgoing and social personality, shouting out what’s on her mind, even when it hurts, but making sure it is the truth, don’t ask if you can’t handle it. She enjoys live with all her heart and try’s to make the best out of it, however live challenges her. Which is not easy sometimes, especially with 3 little kids.
She is a awesome mom, wife and the best Administrator VLMTC can ever imagine to have. She moved to Canada from Germany, with her parents and siblings when she was 17 yrs. Old.
After completing her grade 12, she started a health care program at Red River College, she also worked as a CCA in Morden Daycare. Later, she took a Program with Stratford Career Institute and completed with a diploma in Administration and Secretary.

Now she is working dedicated for VLMTC and puts all her energy and effort into it (besides her Family) because she believes that Massage Therapy is not just Luxury but also essential to stay healthy and fit, regardless if someone has a physical or mental Occupation and or Life.

Her Hobby's are, to spent time with her husband and kids, if possible somewhere nice, like Camping in the Rocky's or even close by can be heaven too, but best of all is allays somewhere All Inclusive on a Beach by the Ocean.....

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